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Improve the way you look, feel and perform in all aspects of life with a blend of functional fitness & body weight training. Fitness programming should be fun and designed to fit individual need while fitness training should mimic the way the body was meant to move.

We keep things simple at first, allowing the body to adapt before adding gradual challenges and progressions. 

You can expect to develop cardiovascular & muscular endurance, core strength, muscle tone and a new sense of ability within the first 4 weeks of training. Give me 8 weeks to work with you and I promise to change your life! 

The Importance of Lifestyle & Movement Training


Given todays fast paced city life its essential to be mobil enough to quickly catch a train, maneuver in and out of pedestrian traffic, climb a subway stairwell to hail a taxi and walk 8-10 city blocks at a moments notice. We are active mobile creatures in a hard landscape moving quickly from the minute we wake to the minute we go to bed. We reply on movement which is why single leg strength, endurance and balance are so important within our daily lives. The human body is the best machine on the planet, train it to improve the life you live!



Past & Present


Humans evolved to walk, jump, chase, play, run, climb, sprint and MOVE in various planes of motion and we were also designed to be healthy, fit and lean. But in todays fast paced world of constant work, stress, lack of sleep, family responsibilities and less everyday personal time we as a species have started to de-evolve, slowly becoming more de-conditioned, stiff, overweight and out of shape while relying on foods of convenience.


Yet in todays fast paced world we are expected to wake, dress, run to work, be on time, make that meeting, do the work, look the part, perform, compete against one another and earn a living. But with less personal time, less overall movement, added stress, lack of sleep how can we truly expect to be fit, thrive and compete? How can we expect to live a long healthy life?


Thats where an experienced Health and Fitness Coach comes into play!


If you have questions feel free to contact me in the contact section below!