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Performance training is for the hardcore fitness buff or individual who has already developed a solid fitness base and is currently ready to take their health & fitness to the next level!  

When it comes to improving overall health & fitness a lot goes into that weekly equation. Let's map out a weekly training strategy that makes sense, progressively challenges you week-after-week and allows for proper rest & recovery. For best RESULTS I recommend the 8-week package in combination with my health coaching services. 




First off what is Performance Training?


Performance training challenges the body to perform at a higher level through compounding movements, hitting the agility ladder or jump rope, grinding out 50 calories on the assault bike, doing 50-100 pushups in three minutes and rowing/ ski-erging for time at 100m, 500m or 1000m. Its what I describe as, “putting the body under stress and/or tension in small windows of time”, and the human body enjoys being challenged. Most importantly, Performance Training is fun and should support the physical demands of a sport, hobby, and event and life!




What are the benefits of Performance Training?


Performance training ignites our adaptive hormones, improves functional movement, challenges our quick twitch muscle fiber, cardiovascular system and our CNS (central nervous system) to increase quickness, speed, strength, agility, power, coordination, balance and stamina. It’s also known to spike natural growth hormone, challenges our body to react, perform and improve under high intensity stimulus - for example, timed performance on a machine, completing a wod (workout of the day), and multiple exercise circuits etc.  


Why Performance Training?


Simple! Self improvement, mental challenge and stimulation, to become the best version of self, to successfully complete a challenge, improved movement, self satisfaction and to improve for a specific sport and/or sporting event. Need I say more? 


Thats where a Health & Fitness Coach with an excellent track record of success comes into play!


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