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One Hour Health

Coaching Consultation

21-Day Fix

A three week quick fix to new and improved lifestyle!  















Health Coaching Services Include:   


  • Lifestyle questionnaire

  • Foods you like form

  • Current food intake form

  • Client consent form  

  • Initial client sit down

  • Discovery & feedback

  • Agreement of road map

  • Accountability & goal setting

  • Game plan & time frame


  • Team work & Results!

Services for 21-day fix also Includes:

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Regularly scheduled touch points via text & email​ communications

  • My constant supply of knowledge, information & support throughout 

  • Initial photos & measurements if desired

Payment Plans are available for both the 2, 6 & 12 month Health Coaching Service Plan



  • How the Body and Brain responds to Food, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, etc.

  • Foods to Build a Healthy Foundation and Foods to Avoid or Minimize

  • Knowledge of What is a Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat and how the body needs all 3

  • Myth Busting General Assumptions on Nutrition, Cholesterol, Fat, and the Standard American Diet  

  • Strategies for optimizing your Mindset, Energy and Focus each day to Perform better at Everything


  • Implementing a Strategy that fits into Your Specific Lifestyle

  • Identify and help you Avoid Land Mines that could Derail Your Efforts

  • Set in place a Plan that you can follow the Rest of Your Life

  • Support to Overcome Habitual, Emotional and Boredom triggers: The “Big Three” Non-Hunger Eating Stimulators

  • Coaching on how to Respond in Social and Professional Environments to Adhere to Your Plan


  • Tough Love or just Love

  • Regularly Scheduled Touch Points via phone, email, in person, etc.

  • Lots of Encouragement and Coaching

  • I also offer all of my clients a “Life Line” if you need guidance in a specific situation

What's not included

  • NO counting calories 

  • You won’t feel hungry or deprived

  • I don’t do meal plans but I DO provide expert guidance 

  • Meals are referred to as Meals, not breakfast, lunch or dinner 

  • No diets - this is a Lifestyle

  • You won’t have to exercise more or less, just smarter

the good news

  • It’s easier than you think

  • You can have more energy, improve mental clarity, mood, focus, etc.

  • It’s not about will power. Hunger is not beatable, but its avoidable if you fuel your body right 

  • Your declining health and weight gain is not your fault , You just Don’t have the right Information and/or Guidance   

why work with me

  • 25 years experience in fitness training and health coaching 

  • My clients' lifestyle changes speak for themselves

  • I myself live and breath a BONAFIDE lifestyle

  • I’m passionate about Health Coaching / Lifestyle & Performance and provide the right combination of support & encouragement necessary so you too can become the best version of You! 



$150.00 / session


$140.00 / session

$130.00 / session

$120.00 / session



24 PACK                     


32 PACK                           

  • All sessions are 50-minutes long

  • I provide an initial complimentary assessment & training session 

  • Payment Plans are Available for packages of 16, 24 and 32 packs