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What Does Eating Primal Really Mean?

January 6, 2018


Well it sure doesn’t mean having to hunt and kill an animal just to eat and survive, nor does it mean throwing on a bear fur grunting at a female to gain her attention. It also does’t mean you have to eat raw meat though many of us do enjoy tuna and steak tartare, and it doesn’t mean having to sleep out in the cold under a tree or in a cave like our primal ancestors did.  Today in the year 2017, modern day man experiences absolutely ZERO selection pressure meaning, we do NOT have to rough it, hunt animals or BE FIT to survive. In fact, its starting to seem like its actually acceptable for todays modern day man to have an any size tire around his mid-section. So long as he’s in the workforce earning a living, making the money, working like a slave and paying the bills, todays modern day man lives in a world by which the majority of his efforts are geared towards his getting up to go to work. But wouldn’t modern day man perform better at work and in life if modern day man were in better shape, more mobil, feeling better and sleeping better. I would think so, but modern day man is going backwards due to the fact that 71% of the food modern day man is eating is foreign to his body down to the cellular level. Todays modern day man lives in a world thats not about health but instead money!


The truth of the matter is in the year 2017 we live in a world of immense privilege, and instead of taking care of ourselves we order dinner on a phone through an app, eat our food quickly, wash it down with 3 or 4 drinks (sometimes more) stand in line to buy lunch (who cooks anymore?), while sitting on a chair for 5-8 hours each day starring into a computer at work to make money. In todays world most of our youth are sitting inside playing video games rather than playing outside, eating processed foods and $1 pizza slices washing it down with sugar loaded soda conveniently purchased at a neighborhood corner store. Most New Yorkers have refrigeration yet do not know how to cook or cook healthy. But New Yorkers know how to load their popcorn with fake BUTTER (margarine) at the theatre, adding a sugary snack and soda to last them the 2 plus hours at the movies!


If you think this is healthy you’re sadly mistaken and I have the before pictures of many clients to prove what eating fake, processed, sugary, insulin inducing foods do to the human body to prove it. If the word PRIMAL confuses or scares you, first ask yourself these few questions.


Are you in the best shape of your life? Are you confused about what eating primal really means? Do you want to look and feel younger and youthful again? Do you want to enjoy life well into your 60s, 70s or even 80s? Do you have progressively worsening health or weight gain?  


Then let me tell you what Eating Primal actually means?


Well its not juicing, starving yourself of important calories, eating candy, big gulp sodas, MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, bagels, donuts or .99 cent pizza slices.  Its not frying food in man-made oils, or lathering sugary man-made condiments onto your already processed cold cuts and sandwiches. 


Eating Primal allows me to eat wild caught cold water fish, organic fowl & eggs, pasture raised grass-fed grass finished meat, tons of tasty/colorful and crunchy vegetables, awesome in season tart berries and fruits, avocados, healthy seeds, nuts, healthy nut butters and olive/avocado oils and on occasion 80% or better cocao chocolate along with a glass of red wine. What Primal really means is "eating real food", foods that our body can identify with on a cellular level, foods that can be broken down and digested properly and efficiently to nourish our body with and utilize for fuel so we can flourish with a strong & healthy immune system!  Primal foods are nutritious, satisfying, loaded with good fiber, possess a high nutrient value and are LOW-insulin-stimulating foods meaning, your body will slowly burn them for fuel rather than store them as FAT! Going Primal is what got me in the best shape of my life four (4) years ago and considering the fact I’ve been a competitive athlete most of my life, thats saying a lot!


Again and when considering the fact that 71% of foods today are unfamiliar to our body right down to the cellular layer, now is the time to consider a change. Why? Because your health, way you feel and perform depends on it!  If you want to try a Primal lifestyle and don’t know where to start, I encourage you to consider hiring a certified Primal Health Coach (PHC) to get you started https://www.primalhealthcoach.com/find-a-coach/. He/she can help coach you one-on-one while developing a personalized plan based off of primal concepts. 


How do I work as a health coach?


The way I like to work with clients is I like to get to know the person first. I want to know much more about them beyond just what they eat and how they do or don’t exercise. I want to know about work problems, relationships, sleep habits, stress levels, food issues, medical problems, etc so I can approach your road to health with a full understanding of whats not working and what to change to fix it. I understand people are not all the same, this is why each client I work with gets a plan unique to their needs because each person is starting from a different place. I work with each person starting from where they are because each person starts in a different place, and I encourage/motivate them while implementing changes that we both agree upon. I also follow up and work with my clients so to break old habits while developing new and healthy ones. Some people can start off changing everything from scratch while others need to start with just a few initial goals and go from the there. 


There are multiple benefits to having a Primal Health Coach (PHC). Not only are they knowledgeable but they are there to coach, motivate and encourage you along the way while providing accountability so you can one day take flight on your own. 


If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact me and we can see about meeting in NYC for a coffee. 



If you've enjoyed this article, please feel free to pass it along! 


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In good health,


Ray Dente

Primal Health Coach



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