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Steven Z.

As a former Bergen County NJ police officer, I had lived a high stress lifestyle for many many years. Earning a living to feed and support my family was always my priority and concern, unfortunately eating poorly on my part was a regular day-to-day occurance. Then one day I became very winded and very concerned with my health, but with the support and encouragement of my beautiful wife and daughter, I decided it was time to make a change before things got worse.  


They say everything in life is timing, and immediately after meeting Ray I understood that phrase to be true.  At that particular point in my life I had no energy, was sleeping poorly and was experiencing back and knee pain as well as some miscellaneous digestive issues. Life’s day-to-day stress was prompting lots of emotional mid-day and late night eating which was part of the reason for the weight gain. But as I would later come to understand, it was more of the foods I was eating that were the problem, as well as the times I was eating that was doing me in.  


Meeting Ray was very interesting because he quickly identified many of my issues, but quickly shared simple resolutions and specific direction right from the get go. Additionally I quickly understood Ray’s philosophy, his approach to eating and learned more about foods and the food industry within that first hour than I had ever known. Good foods/bad foods, good proteins bad proteins, good fats bad fats and good carbs and the way America was over consuming on the bad ones.  


One of the things that sold me on Ray’s approach was the fact he had changed his own life with food, and did it with very unconventional measures. Given the fact I was 60lbs heavier than my high school graduation and considered myself a heart attack waiting to happen, I was instantly intrigued and open to listen. After filling out Ray’s nutrition packet, he mapped out a plan based on my lifestyle, healthy foods which I enjoy, found strategies for my stress eating and an initial walking program to start with.

More than that, Ray held me accountable every day which I really enjoyed, supporting and encouraging me every step of the way. Ray would always say, “you can do it”, and I’d ask, “how do you know”? He would say “because you love your wife and its probably true to say you’d like to walk your daughter down the isle some day”.  Total motivation!


Its interesting how I always thought things that said “whole grain”, “low cal”, “low fat”, “only 50% sugar”, “gluten free” and “greek” were all healthy, but boy was I wrong! Learning how to read labels, understand how the body utilizes protein, carbs and fats, how to burn body fat rather then store it, and how to eat real food rather then fill my stomach with random food changed my life.  Initially I wanted to lose weight, but Ray’s philosophy was lets get you feeling better first. Once you start feeling better the weight will come off and it did. As it pertained to goals, Ray suggested instead of weight that we go after realistic and attainable goals like fitting back into slacks and jeans better, or having my chest stick out further than my core. He was right and goal after goal we got there.


Looking back I can’t believe how I took my health for granted, health is such a gift. Today and after one (1) year I now look and feel 10 years younger! My jeans went from a 42 to a 35, my chest is the first thing you see now rather then the old belly, and I see the muscle tone in my legs and arms which my wife enjoys. I smile much more too!


Thank you Ray, with food you helped me develop a lifestyle and… you helped save my life!



Peter L.



Moving from Toronto to NYC for work came with many surprises, the biggest being the weight I quickly put on during my first year here. Everything in Manhattan is fast paced. You wake up and your off to work, after work your off to business dinners which means big meals and cocktails. I caught on quick that this style of living was not suited for me as I put on weight quickly and diets never worked for me. What I really needed was a lifestyle change!


When I had first met Ray I knew immediately he was a good fit for me. I found Ray to be very fit which was important but also very humble which I liked. What struck me most was his ability to explain his approach and why it had worked for the many who had found success before me. That track record of success gave me hope and inspiration, as did his style of training which was more about functional movement and mastering ones body weight.  Ray was also big on health coaching sharing he doesn't do diets or count calories but instead develops an individualized program & lifestyle plan for each client based on ones day-to-day as well as the foods they enjoy. Looking back it all boils down to real food, something I never really understood myself. But Ray changed all of that for life!


Ray was also big on realistic goal setting, explaining we work small to eventually work big. We set goals that were attainable yet sustainable, relying on measurements and photos each month to keep his clients on track rather than ones weight which seems to be everyones obsession. One of the things that sold me on Ray is I believed in him from the minute I met him. He walks his talk but also provides a sense of encouragement, motivation, knowledge and self-visualization, but also promised tough love. I needed someone to keep me on track and that if anything was the game changer for me. 


When I first started with Ray we changed my food intake, developed a training plan and set goals each and every month. I was initially encouraged because not only was I starting to feel and look better, my clothes quickly became loose on me, and the workouts were tough but always rewarding and fun. Ray motivates by constantly reminding me where I had started, which when combined with my monthly progress provided the motivation to keep moving. Being held accountable was also key. When my body plateaued we made changes and adjustments to my food intake, while also adding intermittent fasting. His being in tune with me every step of the way kept me on my toes and is a big reason why I consider Ray to be an excellent health coach. His coaching was a constant!


In just a years time I lost 9.5" off my waist line, lost a lot of unnecessary body fat and regained my self confidence while gaining praise from many co-workers and family members which was also welcome. Not only did I look and feel much better, I woke each day with improved mood, focus and energy which enhanced my day-to-day performance at work. Today I fit into stylish clothes again, feel comfortable at the beach and carry myself with confidence while living a much healthier lifestyle. I now live what I consider a Bonafide Lifestyle which I hopefully conveyed when we took our last photo together.  


Yes food has changed my life and it can change yours too, and if your looking for an amazing health coach in NYC get with Ray. Its all about the belief system which Ray will help you find again!



Laurie D.

Before meeting Ray, I was as a financial investment professional for more than twenty-five years. I had once worked with a health coach but had let things go for many years. I was somewhat resigned to believing I could not change as an adult. I always felt the timing was off, too much time and responsibilities at work.


But the Truth was, I needed to commit to getting healthy again. I was randomly eating, without having had no real nutrition or food knowledge. But you Can't have a life without good health. Or friends and family without good health! I was physically de-conditioned, stressed at work, not getting enough sleep and not performing to the best of my ability. Food was a means of which to feed myself, so as not to feel hungry.


My Start

I met Ray through a good friend who had lots of success with him. I filled out Ray’s forms from which he was able to decipher what was wrong with my current eating so he could put a plan together moving forward. Change is always difficult from the start but with Ray’s encouragement, knowledge of food and nutrition, things started to make sense. Within weeks, my body and energy started to change/improve which gave me the confidence to keep moving forward. And I could see that there were lots of benefits to health coaching. 


My initial 6-month goals were to just drop a few pounds but Ray had more serious ideas. With his reassurance and encouragement, I decided I wanted to drop a few dress sizes, fit back into slimmer jeans, feel/look better and have the energy to improve my personal and professional performance. We took measurements and photos which I agreed were much more important than weight.


Initially we started with Paleo approved foods but because of my love for real healthy fats (olive/avocado oils, grass-fed butter, avocado, olives, salmon, nuts, seeds, cold water fish, chicken, fatty toro and some meat etc) we then concentrated on Primal Approved foods. Ray taught me how the body utilizes protein, healthy fats and carbs, and stores fat which was a real eye opener for me. There was no counting calories and no diet. I simply ate REAL healthy nutritious foods while dropping unhealthy empty calorie foods, processed foods and foods loaded with anti-nutrition.


What Changed?


My energy, mood, focus, sleep and general overall attitude changed. My digestion certainly improved which helped me develop a better Mind/Body connection, an intuitive relationship between my body and myself. I was no longer eating just to eat, and no longer eating late or getting HANGRY. And my body started to transform where I could see lean muscle again, as well as improved shape.


Ray’s Motivation simply made the difference because Ray was/is always on top of his game which both impressed and showed me whats actually possible. Ray also shared some tough love explaining that health is wealth and it was time I made a commitment to long term health (especially given the environment I work in). His re-assurance and encouragement helped me stay on track, predicting exactly every change my body would go through and so this also helped motivate me knowing what the next steps would be. Ray also made the necessary food recommendations as time went on to change things up, keep things fresh.



In six months, I lost 4.5" off my belly button, dropped two dress sizes, am fitting into slimmer jeans & workout clothes and I am more comfortable wearing a bathing suit at the beach :) My hunger is in check with primal foods. In fact, I have become more calorically efficient meaning I'm consuming the same amount of calories just less food given I've changed over to healthy nutritiously dense foods. I’m getting compliments from co-workers, old friends, family members and business associates. My personal and professional performance has greatly improved, as has my outlook on life. Food has changed my life!


Gigi G.

Ray’s meal plan and personalized training REALLY works!!  I have to admit, I was skeptical that anything was going to work for me.  I just turned 45 in February and was beginning to resign myself to the fact that my slowly growing middle area was never going to go away and that growing older and hormonal changes had taken over control of my body.

Upon meeting Ray, I shared with him that my main goals were to strengthen my core and have my clothes fit well.  I was sick of waking up to a closet full of clothing that just didn’t fit right.  It was becoming a hassle to get dressed in the morning.

Ray took the time to learn about me and he designed a personalized meal plan that now, after 16 weeks, will be how I eat for life.  His meal plan is NOT a diet.  I went from eating barely two meals a day trying to manage my caloric intake with no success at all, to eating five well-balanced meals each day.  I never would have believed that eating five meals a day would help me lose the weight, but it absolutely did.  I can honestly say that I was never hungry.  It’s a ton of food!

I signed up for 12 weeks of personalized training two times a week and within the first few weeks, my body began to change and my previous self, began to emerge.  I slowly started shedding the extra body fat and the workout slowly shaped and tightened every area of my body.  My clothes became looser and each week I was stronger and stronger.  At the age of 45, for the first time ever, I was finally able to do a full-fledged push-up without using my knees!  Now, after 12 weeks, I do 50+ pushups during one session.  In fact, during one of my last sessions, I did 100 pushups in the first 30 minutes.  Wow!!

Over the 12 week period, I lost 24 pounds of fat off my 5 foot 2 inch frame.  My final body measurements resulted in 1 ¼ inches off my neck, ¾ of an inch off my arms, 2 full inches off my legs, 3 ¼ inches off my chest, 4 ½ inches off my hips and the most exciting of all, 8 ¼ inches off of my waist!!!  That totals 20 inches lost overall!!!  I never would have believed it was possible.

There were health benefits too!  I went for my yearly wellness visit at the end of my sessions and my blood work revealed a 30 point drop in my overall cholesterol, my triglycerides dropped by 50% and my blood glucose levels were at the very bottom of the normal range.  Although my glucose was never high, it was slowly creeping up as I was getting older.  Eating healthy made me healthier inside and out!

My husband even joined in the fun and ate the same last meal of the day with me each evening.  Just by eating fresh greens and a protein each night, he also lost 21 pounds of fat!  We were both beach body ready for our annual anniversary vacation!  And, we both enjoy eating much healthier.  We never feel deprived.  A night or two when my husband ate a meal like we used to eat at dinner, he only ended up feeling sick and overfull.  It confirmed for us that the only thing we were missing out on were stomach aches and that very uncomfortable full feeling when you eat way too much.  If you listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

What I learned from Ray, will now be a way of life for me.  I recently went on vacation and was able to still eat healthy and enjoy myself.  I lost 1 pound while on vacation.  When does that every happen??

Ray provides the total package:  the personalized meal plan, the personal training and plays the role of a personal coach who helps you with getting your food right, making sure your form is correct during your workouts and pushes you farther than you thought you could ever go.  It’s both physical and emotional support and he will give you any amount of either that you need.  For me, I needed the physical push to push me hard in my personal training sessions and not as much of the emotional support.  This journey confirmed for me how mentally strong and fiercely independent I am. Now my physical strength matches my mental strength!

Ray tailors everything to each of his client’s needs.  He genuinely wants to help everyone be the best that they can be!  If you put the work in and dedicate yourself, you will be successful on this program.  I am living proof!


Other Lifestyle Changes


And the Client of the Year Award Goes to ...




Chris A.

12 Month Plan

Just over a year ago, I found myself happy with a lot of things in my life.  My partner and I had a young son, and life at home became my biggest priority.  I was ten years into a career in financial services that I loved, and that was also a priority for my time.  What wasn’t my priority?  My health.  My weight.  My knees.  My stamina.  I had a desire to feel better.  I wanted to lose weight.  I wanted my knees to feel better.  But I had no idea how to get it done.  How do you find the time when home and work are your biggest priorities?  How do you lose the weight when all the things that used to work in your 20s and 30s no longer work in your 40s?  I was resigned to feeling that wasn’t the time of my life to get back in shape.  It would have to be a priority later.  And then a friend convinced me to call Ray.  She had success with him and thought that I would too. 


I called Ray while walking out of a restaurant after lunch with my friend.  She had been telling me to call him for months.  I knew that if I didn’t call him at that very moment, it wouldn’t happen.  I was skeptical about someone telling me how to exercise and how to eat.  I was worried about how this would all fit into my life.  But from that moment on, I just started putting one foot in front of the other. 


We started by meeting over coffee.  Ray shared with me his approach, and how he thought I could benefit from working with him.  He offered me a trial personal training session for us to both evaluate each other.  I enjoyed the session and worked to make time in my schedule to begin exercising again. 


Throughout that first month of training, Ray talked about nutrition.  He was passionate that an eating plan was the step I needed to really achieve my goals. Ray encouraged me to add Health Coaching to the personal training.  Despite my reluctance, I completed the nutrition consult form and handed it to Ray at my next training session.  He customized a food plan for my history, preferences and lifestyle.


On January 9, 2017 I began to follow Ray’s full plan.  The first week I lost 3 pounds, and then averaged losing about a pound a week for much of the year. One year later, I have lost 45 pounds and 3 full sizes.  My knees are significantly improved.  I can better keep up with my active toddler.  And I am not hungry through it all.  Ray taught me a lifestyle and a way of eating that works for me.  I feel more satisfied, more energetic and less hungry than ever before. 


Every month Ray monitored my progress with photos and measurements. And through it all, he gave feedback, motivation and encouragement through our personal training sessions, e-mails and frequent texts.  He has been a true partner in this journey. 


Now Ray continues to encourage me and is helping me identify new goals as we start our second year together.  I am further than I ever thought I would be at this time in my life.  And yet I am not yet as far as I think I can be.  Ray taught me that regardless of what else is going on in life, I can always improve my health and be better.  And being better is exactly what will help me live the rest of my life.